Well, another amazon shipment is delayed and if I don't receive the package until next week I "should start the refund process". Guess I'll avoid shopping there from now on.

@cringe I'd give up Amazon if I could but I live in a mountain town. The closest metropolitan area is 140+ km away over a mountain pass by the shortest route.

@cringe I ordered a bike helmet there months ago, because of the price. Since then, you can still buy it, but for a much higher price. And I just got mails in monthly intervals "we will inform you, when it's available again". Total scam!

@ubo I only order from sellers which ship with Amazon, which solves most of the scammer issues. But in the recent months they are also very unreliable and almost all packages are delayed at least a couple days... 😑 I'm not so much concerned about price differences, but having to deal with returns and refunds from varying sellers and shipments from GLS/UPS/FedEx/whatever...

Amazon used to only ship with DHL. But those days are gone now, so the refunds/retours are the only remaining plus.

@cringe The dealer was Amazon. I always tried to avoid that and will try even harder in the future.

@cringe Btw: finally ordered the helmet from a german dealer for a even lower price an got it today.

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