Uninstalled KeepassXC. I guess that means I'm fully moved to bitwarden.

@cringe what are the big advantages of bitwarden over Keepass?

A.t.m. l use Keepass (on Linux and IOS) using Nextcloud for sync - works well.

I stumbled over bitwarden (and now here againk and asking myself: is it better?

@Photor I used the same setup previously. Works ok, but every now and then I had issues with the browser plugin for Firefox. Setting up a new entry is more streamlined in bitwarden, but both work.

I always was a bit hesitant to add or modify entries on multiple machines with my keepass+nextcloud setup, but never broke entries.

I guess it's a matter of choice.

@cringe ok. Thank you.

Not using Keepass with Firefox/LibreWolf a.t.m. Observed not issues so far. So, will stay with Keepass for the moment - but will keep an eye on Bitwarden, too.

@Photor Same here. I use KeepassXC without any browser addon and without any issues until now. But who knows...

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