Woke up with a good headache. πŸ˜‘ Other than that, I feel OK. My body stats are way off though. Body temperature is usually a good indicator if my body is fighting something, and it's +1.3Β°C off my baseline.

Second version of my cigar case. This leather is way thinner than the previous one and I wanted an all black lock. Still have to figure out how to close it, probably with magnetic rivets. But then I have to cover it somehow on the front.

My first project, a cigar case. Not pretty, not for two cigars as planned, edges not finished (yet). The top cap is too large,the leather is too thick, I had no clamps nor wooden frame to form the leather.

But I learned a bunch, I used the tools and I already have ideas for the 2nd version of this. 😎


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