Interesting, I found a scanner icon in the open world after the is completed in .


On the left: covid positive tests
On the right: population density

No suprise here.

Todays session in the . 😰 Workout was intervals of a certain number of wall balls and calories on the rower in odd/even minutes, with an increase every 5 minutes.

I quickly scaled the target calories for the even minutes and still had a hard time to complete more than two rounds in each slot...

Another interesting, and by that I mean disgusting . Intervals of kettlebell swings and rowing, then more intervals of one sided squats with the kettlebell and calories on the airbike. πŸ’€

New chair. After 4 months full time the cheap IKEA chair didn't cut it anymore.

Off to the soon. Hands are good again, I ripped both hands doing pull ups last friday.

Here's a of the Frigid Jackal and the 2 completed collections in my inventory. The last one is the Forsaken collection which will be completed with the ascendant challenges.

I might have bought the new 28-200mm for my . If this is good, it might replace my 24-70mm kit lense. Maybe I can test it tomorrow, but it looks like it will be a bit stormy and rainy outside...

you read the timecap for todays workout on the whiteboard

For time:
* 100 Pushups
* 50 Pullups
* 40 Pushpress 45kg
* 20 Burpees
* 10 C2B

Timecap: 15min

Went for a short walk this morning. When you get out early you can still avoid a lot of the tourists.

I used the portrait feature of the 8 pro camera a couple times. It's ok but as expected it drops the ball when there are smaller details like my wireless earbuds. I probably won't use it and if I want to have good portraits I take my A7II.

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