Not much to show, the wasn't as good as yesterday. But I like this . There was also a large docking right next to the pier I was standing on.

120km with my in about 3 months. I would've done most of the way on foot or bike otherwise. Not sure if the lost activity will have a big impact, but it's something to consider...

Off to the . I'll do a chipper workout. Not sure about the 15 bar muscle ups at the end though... I guess it depends how I feel at that point.

Got a few clothing items from the merch shop of one of my favorite YouTuber. Check @hstlmade on instagram.

Todays workout was really fun. I had a good partner and we kept a nice pace throughout the whole workout. The air bike hit like a brick wall every round though... 😣

Here's the raw cut of my workout . I don't think I could go much fast on the row/wall ball portion of the workout and I definitely don't want to go faster on the muscle ups. I don't want any noreps on those and I don't want to mess up my shoulder again, so I'm doing each one very slow and deliberate.

Anyway, my score matches my expectation and I am very happy with my performance today.

I really got the new exotic bow Leviathan Breath yesterday. How did that happen? Didn't try it yet, because sleep is important.

I'm kinda nervous about the workout tomorrow... I still switched my training day from Wednesday to tomorrow to suffer. I guess I won't die, but who knows?

Also: it's just one more day til the first workout for the 2020 season will be released. Another workout to suffer through on Saturday...

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