Homebrewed India Pale Ale is getting better. Last week the taste out of the bottle was not very nice, but this week it's already a real .

Totally unrelated, but this is my favorite crossfitter, Bethany Shadbourne. Go follow her on instagram.

@teufelsweiblein evtl noch Platz für deine Motivationsbilder? 😊

TFW you are testing and there is monitoring like on production systems on the test systems and people start complaining about notifications coming up...

Jemand an einer etwas Γ€lteren SWR50 interessiert? Am Armband ist ein Kratzer von einem Sturz, auf dem Bildschirm war immer eine Schutzfolie. Ich hab eine neue und die alte ist zu schade zum wegschmeissen.

Totally forgot, but I picked up my new Ticwatch Pro this morning. So far it looks good, pretty big for my arm though... We'll see how I like it in the next few days.

Looks fine. Works ok. Gas throttle needs some love, it's not throttling back itself - I guess I have to clean the old gunk out.

When you have to look up how to write binary literals in your programming language because you thought you were done with bitshifting 20 years ago.

Large (60x90) print of one of my . Really cool colors of a summer morning last year in .

I'll add basotect to it and use it as another sound dampener in my living room.

This sums up my experiences in the current open... Being sick 2/3 workouts puts my expectations in place. Currently I just hope to make it through without another week feeling weak, and my score on the leaderboard will be average at best.

I always put my keyboards to plain blue for the majority of the time.

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