Went for a short walk this morning. When you get out early you can still avoid a lot of the tourists.

I used the portrait feature of the 8 pro camera a couple times. It's ok but as expected it drops the ball when there are smaller details like my wireless earbuds. I probably won't use it and if I want to have good portraits I take my A7II.

Camera of the pro 8 is pretty good. Light outside was really nice today, I got a light sunburn too. πŸ˜€

Somehow I decided a good use of my Sunday time was diving back into today. And also cleaning up the android share client of my instapaper clone app. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

I made a thing in . Fun little exercise for the afternoon. Next up, maybe tomorrow: actual asteroids. 😎

Not much to show, the wasn't as good as yesterday. But I like this . There was also a large docking right next to the pier I was standing on.

120km with my in about 3 months. I would've done most of the way on foot or bike otherwise. Not sure if the lost activity will have a big impact, but it's something to consider...

Off to the . I'll do a chipper workout. Not sure about the 15 bar muscle ups at the end though... I guess it depends how I feel at that point.

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