Ooof, todays is 10x100m sprints. 😌 Sun is still out, I hope I can go to the track for this later...

I guess I have to substitute some exercises of todays so I can stay inside the garage. Lots of strong winds and rain.

Got a bit of rain during the 2nd part of my . 1st part I could do inside the garage and I also did some static holds.

Todays is pretty straightforward. Just 75 DB squats cleans. 😬

Off to do my . I want to do strength stuff today. 😁

Todays is Half Murph. Considering that I didn't do more than a dozen pull ups during the last months, I'll probably take my TRX to the track and substitute with ring rows. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Pretty simple today.

EMOM 30min: 1st min 10 burpees, 2nd min 10 sit ups, 3rd min 40 double unders.

Well, 5k run did not feel as bad as expected. Slow, but still faster than I thought. I also managed to keep my breath under control, so I guess all the airbike intervals during winter lockdown paid off.

But first: . Strength training, so it's lots of front rack lunges and split squats, followed by more front rack lunges and more split squats... πŸ™ƒ

Running, burpees and jump rope in todays . But I survived.

37cal in 90s on my airbike. After the and a short strength part. I might take a nap now... 😡

Todays was really simple: 120 DB power snatches. I did sets of 10 each side and then a short break. Accessory work was 15 wall walks. Nothing fancy, but enough for this afternoon.

Todays has 2x 1 mile run. Of course it's raining. πŸ˜‘

Weather is still pretty bad. I hope at least the rain stops before I head outside for my ... πŸ˜‘


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