went fine. Rope climbs and running. And I improved my time for 50 burpees by 10s afterwards too.

Off to the after a slow and boring day at work. Hopefully saves the day once more.

Pulled my back on friday. But I'll join the class later today, I need to get moving again. Will probably scale down everything though.

Well, rainy season begins. Time to search for my rain clothes before I jump on my bike to head out for my .

Off to my . Another benchmark today, Jackie: 1000m row, 50 thrusters 20kg, 30 pull ups. Last time I did it in 8min. I'm actually curious how I will do.

Did a bunch of heavy back squats in todays . Pretty happy with it.

Off to the for a strength day. is deadlifts, glute bridges and DB row.


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