Tomorrow morning I'm going for . I think I'll go for 7 rounds, not sure if I can get it though. Depends on how I recovered from the sickness and how my overall feel is tomorrow...

Wow, I finished the black armory quest as well. Didn't really expect to find a group for it, but I finally managed to get Hammerhead.

To things that really paid off this week: Netflix and the Nintendo Switch.

Well, it's more like 280k people. Still not as much as last year, where about 500k participated in the open.

Another good recap of

The commentary in videos by TTT is always fun, and inbetween you get some good information about the workouts.

Go watch at if you are interested what it looked like - and what about 160k people are doing over the weekend. 😎

The Open announcement stream from London was pretty good quality. Good commentary beforehand, good video quality.

@murks yeah, I set a calendar reminder to cancel the order by mid march... πŸ˜’

Hm, I'm still waiting for my Ducky Shine from caseking. I'm already annoyed that they didn't state the availability clearly on their page when I ordered, but they say the keyboard will be available beginning of March. If I don't get a shipment info in the first week I'll have to search for another supplier.

Or do I want to step into custom builds? I already have a page in my wiki for resin keycap DIY... πŸ€”

@milan Instagram stories is mostly used for that, but you could do that on YouTube stories as well

Set up a with my spare to play around with. I think my browser is pretty fine without, considering I use and for years now, but I wonder if the pihole is any good for a couple apps that I can't get an ad-free alternative for...

@alsternerd @Hughenknubbel kommt wahrscheinlich drauf an, welchen Editor bzw IDE man benutzt 😎

@alsternerd @Hughenknubbel wieso tauschst du die Switches nicht?

Bei mir sind die Plastikdinger oft verschlissen, meistens Shift oder Strg, dazu noch verschiedenste Buchstaben die nicht mehr reagiert haben... 😣

That awkward moment when asks "are you still watching" and you press yes.

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