is where there is no mobile reception at all... Welcome back to the small german village.

Off to a short family visit. We will be back home tomorrow. This time I petitioned against a longer stay and my girlfriend agreed.

I don't mind family visits, but for me I usually want to get out sooner than later. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

@FluffyMonoceros sometimes I wish for a simple "skip for now" button. This can ruin a game.

@angietaylor why is that? Anything new rumored or announce? Or is that the expected availability date for the Rift S?

Firmware updates for my all done. I hope to let it fly today.

Homebrewed India Pale Ale is getting better. Last week the taste out of the bottle was not very nice, but this week it's already a real .

I'm considering buying an Rift S. Or should I wait for the next generation? I may need to look at the Quest, but I'm not sure if I want to compromise on power to get more convenience.

@fabian der zweite Teil fΓ€ngt auf jeden Fall ziemlich ΓΌbel an, da hab ich nach ein paar Minuten erstmal aufgehΓΆrt... πŸ™„

Just to be clear, I'm talking about the very first movie. Judgement on the following 2 is coming soon.

You have to explain to kids what phonebooths were for though.

The movie holds up pretty well, and the shots are as iconic and badass as I remember them. The soundtrack alone is so memorable, and the movie itself is still super watchable even after 20 years.

I'm rewatching the Matrix trilogy. Seems a good time at the 20th anniversary.

Back home. I don't have any energy left for today, so I'll probably end up on the couch in a couple minutes and do nothing.

And "do nothing" == "watch The Matrix".

@fribbledom @flypps no, they don't. I was looking for that a couple days ago. dlive does live streams, if you don't mind being part of a platform.

@bithive I'm usually wide awake a few seconds after opening my eyes, but this feels like a waste today... anyway, got some chores done and I'll get outside soon anyway.

Sure, why not wake up at 0530 when I have a day off work... πŸ˜’

Totally unrelated, but this is my favorite crossfitter, Bethany Shadbourne. Go follow her on instagram.

@teufelsweiblein evtl noch Platz für deine Motivationsbilder? 😊

Black Widow is one of my favorite characters. I don't know if it's the char itself or if I'm just a fan of Scarlett Johansson. 😍

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