Here's a from my today. Simple interval work:

5x 20 push ups, 20 lunges, 20cal airbike, 3min rest

I cut the rest period out of this, to spare you 5x3min of me breating heavy...

@ubo devils press... 😎 No idea why my right side looks like this though.

@milan das ist doch bestimmt alles verklebt am Bildschirm, oder? Da hab ich mich bisher noch nicht dran getraut. Mach mal Video, wenn du da dran gehst. πŸ˜ƒ

@milan demnΓ€chst also eins von den fetten Akku Cases dran? πŸ€”

Easy today. Moderate heartrate, slow strength movements, more static sandbags holds. And tomorrow is a rest day. 😊

Here is a of my today. This time the airbike, resistance bands, the new sandbag and a jump rope were involved. I cut all the rest periods so you don't have to watch me standing around a bunch.

I recommend listening on low volume, because the airbike had the intended effect once again... 😬

As I expected: support had some more questions, but ultimately I had to provide my order details for warranty. But the ring is out of warranty and I received a replacement last year already. So, this is the end of my ring, although it is the best fitness tracker I owned in the last approx. 10 years. 😒 But I rather don't get such an expensive device if it breaks after a year.

I'll stick with my Carlyle for sleep tracking and my bluetooth HR sensor for workouts.

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@ubo @encarsia I have one of those too (of course), with about 35kg. I use it for box step ups, walking lunges, cleans and squats.

But the heavy bag is mostly for max holds - at least for now. I think that would be beneficial for my core and lower back.

@encarsia mostly static bear hug and shoulder holds, maybe some over-the-shoulders

I guess the death-by bike calories part in the beginning of my shows on my pulse monitor graph. πŸ˜ƒ

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Time to . Much needed after a not so exciting day of work. πŸ˜‘

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