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KΓΆnntet ihr auch wieder mal machen. WΓ€re schon Nice wenn wir's wenigstens schaffen wΓΌrden die Serverkosten zu decken.

Cyber Monday got me again. Ordered Diablo 3 for for 40€ 😎

@milan diesmal auch die günstige Variante, aber schon getestet und für gut befunden 😎

Next upgrade for the desktop. Mostly for photo and video storage.

Off to the train for the weekly commute back to the workplace.

PSA you can rent the Han Solo for 0,99€ on today. I'm already .

Again a diskussion about standard processes of IT. Configuration management, version control, deployment processes...

I feel like I explain this sh&% over and over in the last 10+ years. 😩

"Der Durchschnittspendler verbringe mehr Zeit damit, in Metallboxen durch die Gegend zu fahren, als mit Kochen, Essen oder seinen Kindern."

The alternative to "grep" is called "findstr". It does too.

And I don't even now if the monitor actually works. First contact with the LG hotline was on 10.09.2018 - it's ridiculous.

I am suprised by the amount of fail that LG collects with my monitor repair... Finally I got a replacement for the missing power adapter in the mail, and there is f%$*Β§ng half of the cables in the box.

I don't even bother to contact the hotline again and just get another cable. Luckily it's the part with the standard connector, so I can replace it myself.

Definitely the last LG product I bought.

Next week my 10kg weight vest by bulldoggear should arrive. Really looking forward to the first sessions and the soreness afterwards.

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