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Ok, I'm back on the LG Ultrawide. For the moment. I got used to the wideness and the resoluation so fast...

Wow, I didn't expect the most recent Thor movie to be a comedy. They are really committing to it.

Finally, I tested the LG monitor after buying a power cable myself. The new AC adapter works.

Now I'm tempted to use the monitor again...

Still no coffee at home... the situation turns dire.

The movie Doctor Strange has some of the best visuals in marvel movies - and some of the worst CGI.

Mixed bag. Still one of my favorite characters.

Oh wow, the hotel WiFi doesn't allow VPN connections... Guess I have to live in edgeland in the hotel. Let's hope it's only little time to spent here.

First round of on the switch done. Plays very nice. I think I'll play this a lot in the upcoming commutes. 😎

I'm going to a in tomorrow. Any recommendations for food around Mitte/Kreuzberg?

Finished benchmark "Annie" 4s under my all time best. Not bad for a cold winter day. 😎

you didn't do a benchmark workout and then you do it twice in a row in different boxes

I do have github projects which I don't actively use myself, but whenever there is an issue, I try to answer or provide a fix.

But still, if the last commit into a project was 2 years ago, you probably shouldn't use it.

I guess the javascript folks are learning this lesson again. That's the reason why there are plugins which alert about CVEs in your dependencies.

Anyway, people need to calm down in github issue discussions.

In case you need a quick laugh, read all the comments of people not looking at the dependencies they include at

If you add an external dependency to your code, you add external code to your application. If you're using outdated or unmaintained dependencies, don't complain to the author - remove the dependency or fix it.

I need more coffee.

I guess I'll do several major merges to get a couple heavily outdated systems back into our configuration management git project. I love it. Not.

Wow, I'm out of coffee. I'm done with this day. πŸ˜‘

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