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Well, todays commute starts with chaos again. Two trains at the station, the one from the regular track has signs telling its not to the final destination. Instead on another track there is a train for the final destination. No additional information, no information in the ticket app, nor on Twitter, nor anything inside the train.

Let's see if I actually get home tonight.

Got the Last Word handcannon in My life is complete. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

It always feels like an accomplishment when I finish such a long quest in a game.

Instagrams feed makes even less sense when you try to follow sports events.

It's pretty fun to grind for this, I'm just dreading the PvP part... But I already got 5/25 medals in two games. Not too bad.

Half way through the quest. When this is done, only one more mission to get The Last Word.

Half way through the quest line. Will continue tomorrow.

more . I'm trying to finish the quest steps for the Last Word handcannon... First all the missions and lost sectors, then some more PvP. I don't like PvP, but I try to grind through it.

Had to get an espresso first. I really have to figure out how I can improve my recovery... ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜”

At the main station. Let's see if I actually make my weekly commute on time today.

some more . I'm not sure it's good idea, because todays workout definitely messed with my reaction times...

TL;DR Latency matters a lot. Knowing and owning the stack can be very useful, but not always. Cloud providers have their own goals. Self-hosting critical parts is far from dead, maybe the opposite. On running PostgreSQL with a lot of data:

Found a testcase which only works because the test infrastructure is broken.

Sometimes one has to wonder why stuff like this worked for so long...

Schedule 30min of your day to watch this "The Mountain Gorillas | Uganda Series Ep 4"

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