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Just reached powerlevel 671 in . Time to start Reckoning Tier II.

"Email chain prompts Microsoft to investigate reports of sexual harassment ignored by HR"

The article has some details about previous gender discrimination and harassment lawsuits too...

Off to the soon. My back is still sore from all the deadifts on monday.

Jemand an einer etwas Γ€lteren SWR50 interessiert? Am Armband ist ein Kratzer von einem Sturz, auf dem Bildschirm war immer eine Schutzfolie. Ich hab eine neue und die alte ist zu schade zum wegschmeissen.

Totally forgot, but I picked up my new Ticwatch Pro this morning. So far it looks good, pretty big for my arm though... We'll see how I like it in the next few days.

Something more related: how long will it take until publishers agree to a app with all of their content available and Google handling the subscription and payment side?

I think with entering the market the publishers will quickly jump on the train to make at least some money. I expect something like Apple News+ from Google very soon.

Second armor set for is almost complete. Only 1 piece missing. Then it's time to get level up and get the next tier.

Todays left me with a terrible workout cough.

3 rounds for time: 10 Deadlift, 50 Double Unders

I got a better this time, but definitely not because of my deadlifts. Anyway, I'll take it.

Ordered the Ticwatch Pro. If Google Pay works with the watch, that would be really nice. The battery life and the screen will be better than my current Sony SWR50 anyway.

More to complete the guardian armor set for Gambit Prime.

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