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I'm still on the fence using as my default editor. It feels good, but is also good and handle a lot better...

First try to pay with my new failed. Maybe I was too impatient, or maybe my bank wanted to enter my PIN when I pay for the first time.. will try again at lunch time.

I did a little redesign on my blog at - I plan to use more images in the future, just to make me go out and take more.

Another quote from the article, in the same direction: "So this is a class of people who are just amazingly good at pounding nails into the floorboard with their forehead."

Also 100% true.

Interview with Clive Thompson, author of the book "Coders - The Making of a New Tribe and the Remaking of the World":

"Also, everyone who thrives at coding is able to deal with mind-bending levels of frustration.
This is the dividing line between people who can code and people who can't."

I think he's 100% right with that statement.

This may be interesting to some people around here...

With the exception of Firefox and Brave, all browsers are about to remove the ability to disable Hyperlink auditing (links which will secretly send a ping to some tracking server in addition to their regular function)


#FrageDesTages, Alter, Jungsein, Reife, Leben. 

First day back on and it's already a complete desaster. Full day off-site meeting, no prepared food besides simple nutmix and my eating times are way off due to the schedule.

Well, at least I have time to go shopping later...

I feel pretty sore from training today. Tomorrow is full of meetings, but I hope I can stand and walk often enough to get rid of the soreness quickly.

Todays commute is still via train. Too tired for the motorcycle and I have too much stuff to carry... So, journey starts with +5 delay. Let's see what the travel will be like.

Is it exotics week in ? I got about 5 to 8 exotics and catalysts this week... 😍

Grinding some of the old quests in which I never did previously.

I also never did a single . I probably can run the earliest solo now, my powerlevel is twice the requirements from the first round of content.

Hm, 2nd crash today. Maybe the hotfix for the guardian armor bug isn't really working?

I also listen to a random playlist on music which plays Curtis Mayfield right now... best tunes for heavy shooting.

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