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Today I -once again- recognized that I can go pretty deep down the rabbit hole of implementation details if I let myself go without any time or monetary constraints. Not the best idea in a business though, because that way lots of time and effort gets burned to fix things that are really not that important at all.

Usually I can stop myself but sometimes it's too much fun to dig down.

Hehe, box jumps and burpees in todays workout. I guess that will get sad very fast after yesterdays squat session.

Also some ring muscle up practice, and I think I'll do some of them too. My shoulder feels good again and I already did a couple weeks of shoulder training too.

I'm curious how my legs will feel tomorrow. Limiting factor on my squats is my back though, not my legs. Usually I can stand up any weight as long as I don't tip over forward at the bottom of the first 5cm on the way up.

Anyway, pretty happy with todays result and the 1RM we did beforehand.

Streamed a bit casual on my twitch channel. I'm still trying to figure out this streaming thing.

I'm not much of a talker, and sometimes Destiny gets really fast and I stop talking altogether. Well, things are what they are. I'm not trying to be Gronkh anyway.

Off to the gym. Next 20 rep set of back squats today, this time with a more challenging weight. 😎

FU discord for showing my captchas and NOT letting me log in even when I have 2fa enabled anyway. Can we please let captchas die now?

Im Eifer des Gefechts schlÀgt man auch schonmal mit dem Schwert auf den Sprengstoff... 😎

I'm changing jobs in august though, maybe that will help with energy and motivation. But my main focus during a major change like that is keeping my training and nutrition on point, so I think it'll take more time to get streaming more often, gaming or software development.

Finished a little stream of . Finally my setup is getting gud, lighting and greenscreen works fine now.

I still plan to do some development some day, maybe about learning UWP development from scratch. Maybe a mastodon client for a start. But at the moment I can not get the energy to start developing in the evening, maybe because my day job is draining all energy from me... 😢

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