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I didn't plan to go hard not heavy, but somehow I ended up doing 6 rounds of 7 Power Cleans and 8 Burpee Box Jumps. Got some clean marks on my collar bones.

I already feel pretty sore, but I'm still planning to go to the later. Going 3 days in a row gets more challenging every year... 🏋️😥😴

Closed my work laptop for today. Now it's two weeks of vacation time. 😎

Ordered a bunch of cigars. My humidor is empty and vacation is coming up... 😎

Sie kapieren es einfach nicht 🤦‍♂️"Pläne zum Kohleausstieg: Massiver Widerstand in der Union"

It's 2019 and software still does splashscreens covering all other windows. I'm looking at you.

The text-only view in is the best feature they added in a long time. I use it constantly to get rid annoyances of articles filled with image galleries, realized content links, ads, infographics that are not necessary and a lot of other distractions.

And it doesn't even need a Pocket account.

OMG there is a new Magnum PI series on TV? I don't want to know more, thanks.

Hehe, wrote my own syntax definition for jinja2 templates to use in my projects. Pretty barebones, but it's working for me.

Anyone has a link to details how is handling the shutdown of Google Music? Do I have my library on Youtube Music at any point or do I have to start all over again?


Ich suche/bin:

Ich suche einen Job als #Projektmanager. Ich bin #IPMA-zertifiziert, ab voraussichtlich Mitte 08/19 auch #PRINCE2-, #ITIL- und #SCRUM-zertifiziert. Am liebsten würde ich in MA arbeiten, gern auch in HD, LU (na gut, LU nicht so gern). Pendeln würde ich auch nach S, KA oder notfalls FFM.

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