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Gray hair in my beard. Still just a few, I need more!

Interesting, if you actually sit down and look at things, you find minor mistakes that are fixable in a couple images. 😄

I played a total of 12 work weeks of . I don't know if that's an accomplishment or if I shouldn't look too close at it... 😆

I ordered a new dual monitor stand to put my old widescreen on top of my new one. That'll be a little awkward, but my current desk situation at home doesn't allow for horizontal setup without losing a place for my streaming light...

First appointment at a new barbershop for the current iteration of my full in about 3 weeks. Pretty happy with the current state, although it's a version of the WTF phase. But this time I know that it's just a phase and I'll be through in probably another month.

That was a pretty solid afternoon of . I got at least 3 new exotics, one drop and 2 from Xur.

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I also have 4x Fr0st-EE5, but I don't really care about that exotic.

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Wow, I got Celeastial Nighthawk as a random exotic engram in a public event. Didn't expect that to happen anytime.

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Time for some . Pretty early today, but I need to do something today.

Delivery came 1min before end of window, without any calls beforehand. 🤷‍♂️

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Time window for a delivery closes in 10min... The company agreed to a call 1h before delivery. This never worked for me with logistic companies, I don't know how people who can not work from home are doing this.

Criminal with Kevin Costner. Let's see why he decided to do that movie.

Off with the motorcycle 🏍️ back to the workplace 🌁.

Spider-Man Into the spiderverse.

The German title is "A new universe" - I don't know why the keep doing that...

Es wäre gut, wenn Radfahrer schon aus der Ferne das Grün an der Ampel per App anfordern können. Busfahrer können das schon lange.

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