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Later today I'll continue the grind to upgrade my solstice armor. But first, time.

are starting any minute now! Can't watch the feed live, but I'll catch up tonight.

Ugh, todays workout is 800m run, 40cal bike, 20 power clean with 60 kg. With a timecap of 9min. I can already feel my legs give up... 😁

Bike + cleans in a workout is a bad combination.

Ok, first armor set upgraded. Now I got some more time for the 2nd level up.

And back into after the update. Happy Solstice, Guardians!

Off to the . This time I'll jog to the place. 5km one way, that's a lot for me... 😬

If you want to support a who got kicked by his label (or the music industry as a whole) go watch and then go visit the at

I started playing and I'm already deep into the wasteland, with constantly full inventory, fast traveling back to my homebase to empty my trash out, getting distracted by random side quests.

I love the fallout series.

@vickysteeves This isn't really a Microsoft thing. It's a US export controls thing, and blocking like this has been going on for at least two decades. It was a problem on Sourceforge when that was popular.

The lesson - which people never seem to learn - is that you shouldn't let a US based company gatekeep participation in your software project.

Also in purely legalistic terms it still makes no sense. "export" of software? It's not like exporting bananas. But in the last couple of decades nobody has challenged this in the courts, and because orgs like EFF are US based they just don't care.

My deep sleep phase gets longer steadily over the last weeks and months. I wonder why... Just because I measure it or is it a normal yearly cycle during the summer?

All my chars are now 700+ in

Pretty good, considering I played only Hunter for the majority of 2 years.

Ah, finally a haircut again. And the is also cut back, but has at least a little bit of shape.

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