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My legs are still sore, I don't know why this week got me so good... There are a lot of overhead squats in todays workout, so my legs will either be fine or fall off later. 😁

I gave up. I finished the power snatch EMOM, but I quit on the 2nd round of the actual WOD. I really can't handle 3 consecutive days of training anymore. 😣

Anyway, I'll rest up 😴, and tomorrow is a different day. 🌞

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Nice, my electrical scooter ist in its way. I'll test it next week then.

Well well well. Another long one. Guess it's time to prepare for the open in October then...

Todays workout: 50-40-30-20-10 sit ups, calories on the tower, wall balls

At least it's not 32Β°C anymore. πŸ™ƒ

Todays training almost got me... 40min metcon at 32Β°C. But I got it done. πŸ˜–

Questions is: should I have a cognac tonight again?

My A/C unit is keeping the living room at an acceptable temperature, but the other rooms are a no-go zone for now. I'll move the A/C to the bedroom soon and hopefully I can get some sleep tonight.

I'm adding mood tracking to my time tracking application I build for my own purposes.

Total chaos at Hannover Main Station. Every single ICE train is delayed at last 30min...

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Ah, Nahverkehr ohne Klimatisierung... Der ICE wird hoffentlich besser.

Off with the train. Family weekend done, wasn't bad.

Family gathering today. I'll try to shoot some photos and maybe fly my drone.

Schon kurz nach dem Comfort Check-In im ICE kommt aus der App der die Benachrichtigung, dass ich doch den Comfort Check-In nutzen kΓΆnnte. πŸ˜’

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