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Nothing better than starting the day with sifting through CVEs to make the build work again... πŸ˜‘

Well, my trains already start with a delay which gives me 2min to catch my connection in Hannover... πŸ€” Let's see if can make it. At least it's only a short sprint through the building in Hannover and not the full length back to front.

Cancelled my subscription. Not enough time and also not enough good movies there. I also have prime anyways.

I'm in a jazz club tonight. It's in the basement, obviously.

I really got the new exotic bow Leviathan Breath yesterday. How did that happen? Didn't try it yet, because sleep is important.

I'm too tired to stream though. So just some casual grinding for the new exotic bow...

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Nice, I'm still up there on the leaderboard. Shows again that I can't do very high intensity for longer periods (> 8min), but can handle moderate intensity for longer.

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I'm still in the upper 25% of my age group in Germany. What's wrong? Is it a massive drop-off in participation already?

I don't think my score is *that* good. πŸ€”

Todays workout on

Missed the first round and the camera did turn off in the middle again... anyway. Raw cut is online.

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