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Ok, I got a cold. My temperature deviation is up, my respiratory rate is up. Unfortunately I don't have the charger for my Oura ring with me this weekend and the battery will most likely die during the day, so I won't have data for the upcoming night.

Really interesting how I can now see this data. Personal data tracking has come a long way since my very first Fitbit step counter.

I feel a cough coming up. Nothing bad yet, let's wait if it affects my training. Usually when I'm feeling a bit ill, intense training makes it come through faster.

Almost everyone I’m following here has been idle for ages too. Who to follow?

age check. how old are you, my friends

Only +15 for todays commute. I don't even expect to be in time at this point. Public transport in Germany isn't the best. But still better than owning a car for me.

infrastructure costs last month: €99,49
this month: €163,09+ (including €46,41 setup fee for the new matrix machine)

uuh :tchncs: is getting pricy xD

Todays workout was really fun. I had a good partner and we kept a nice pace throughout the whole workout. The air bike hit like a brick wall every round though... 😣

Doom Patrol on . I recommend it, if you're into weird super hero movies.

I'm toast. Having a quick vegetable dinner out of the microwave and a Gin Tonic.

I will never understand why curl named their "quiet" command-line switch "silent"... 🤔

Wow, Slack added a WYSIWYG editor for messages and I can't turn it off to use plain formatting...

SSH tunnel is up, I finally can use the internet like it's meant to be from the office building.

I configured sslh on my server to be able to tunnel my SSH sessions through overblocking proxies. 🤓

Now time for some with my Rift S. Obviously there is a firmware update to be done before I get to play, as always.

Ok, I guess I'm done with my theme for now. I figured out what was missing and I'm now back on the default theme "Twenty twenty".

It has everything I need including a working search and archive pages.

Wow, it was the theme. Don't use the theme "Adonis" people.

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Hm, search isn't working on my blog. I guess this is also because I'm running behind a reverse proxy... A couple of plugins also don't use the right address for links. I might have to dosome fixes in the database? 🤔

Also, I don't have an archive page yet, showing a plain list of articles by date. One of the best ways to help people find stuff, I think. At least for moderate amounts of articles.

Trying the mail app in v17 for a couple days. Maybe it can replace my installation of rainloop.

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