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I guess I started moving my blog from WordPress to Hugo. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

TBH after doing a couple of migrations of my blog in the last 20 years due to hosting changes, switches of blogging software and such, I consider having all my posts in plain markdown a big plus. I still find broken markup from previous migrations in old posts... 😞

Unfortunately I lost a few years in the beginning because I didn't back my blog up regularly. I managed to get a lot of posts back from the internet archive though.

Got time capped by a lot this time. I blame the cognac and the cigars. πŸ˜ƒ

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Time to do Open 21.2. Lots of DB snatches and burpee box jump overs.... 😬

I also got the chance to do some overhead squats again. Still works, but when I get back to the gym regularly I need to do a decent period of strength and technique work... 😎

Wouldn't turn on at first, but resetting the timer helped.

I'll give it a go during Open 21.2 tomorrow or Sunday.

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My timer arrived suddenly. Tracking status was stuck for two two weeks and then it was delivered today. It was a kickstarter project, but there are multiple portable timers available now.

Slept on a cooling pad tonight. Body temperature was -0.4Β°C lower than usual, not sure if it has a real effect though. In the morning it was heated to body temperature anyway. I'll keep a close eye on my sleep data in the next few weeks.

And by new I mean exactly the same model than the previous 2. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

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I could've done without the whole COVID-19 segment between Joe and Mat though.

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I'm 40min into the Joe Rogan Podcast with Mat Fraser and I have to say: Joe Rogan does not know anything about Crossfit, and Mat does not know anything about running an Affiliate. That section was pretty unnecessary, but I still enjoy the conversation and as soon as the actually talk about the sport and training, it's pretty informative and enjoyable to listen to.

Really no need to make an issue about this.

Minimizing the window and clicking on the taskbar also keeps the navigation hidden.

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Average users probably don't have multiple monitors. But anyway.

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Ah, I can fullscreen it on my main monitor and use Windows+Arrow to move it over to the other monitor without the navigation showing up again. Wow. Have a nice day explaining that to average users.

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Hm, if I set to fullscreen and move the mouse over to my 2nd monitor, spotify will keep the title bar and navigation on screen. I can't move the mouse out of the fullscreen window... πŸ™„

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