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Ordered two new batteries for my old 15 from 2013. The current one I am using is not holding charge... 😞 I'm still amazed that I use a laptop from 2013 and it's still good for daily use. Granted, it was top of the line back in the days, but SSDs really make old hardware useable for a long time.

In case you're wondering, the keyboard shortcut in to open the context menu in fileexplorer on is SHIFT+F10.

I totally forgot that I also did 400m walking lunges around the sporting ground afterwards. πŸ™‚

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Polar Flow wants permission to always track location to use my heartrate belt. I uninstalled the app right after noticing this and now I am looking for a replacement to track my workouts. Any ?

Pretty simple today.

EMOM 30min: 1st min 10 burpees, 2nd min 10 sit ups, 3rd min 40 double unders.

Sooo, what is the best way to add storage to a cluster? Just a good old SSD via USB to one of the pis?

Well, 5k run did not feel as bad as expected. Slow, but still faster than I thought. I also managed to keep my breath under control, so I guess all the airbike intervals during winter lockdown paid off.

Why can't bulk dismantle some shaders like Dark Omolon in ? Do I really have to dismantle dozens of shaders one by one?

All assembled. Unfortunately I can not figure out the headless installation, so I have to wait until the micro HDMI adapter arrives before I start the actual install.

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But first: . Strength training, so it's lots of front rack lunges and split squats, followed by more front rack lunges and more split squats... πŸ™ƒ

Project cluster is starting. I don't have proper screws to connect the cases, but I can start the setup.

Running, burpees and jump rope in todays . But I survived.

I ordered 3 4B and some utilities to build a small cluster in my closet.

37cal in 90s on my airbike. After the and a short strength part. I might take a nap now... 😡

Todays was really simple: 120 DB power snatches. I did sets of 10 each side and then a short break. Accessory work was 15 wall walks. Nothing fancy, but enough for this afternoon.

Todays has 2x 1 mile run. Of course it's raining. πŸ˜‘

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