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Second version of my cigar case. This leather is way thinner than the previous one and I wanted an all black lock. Still have to figure out how to close it, probably with magnetic rivets. But then I have to cover it somehow on the front.

After researching more gaming laptops with RTX3070s I ordered the Razer Blade 15 Pro.

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The Razer Blade 15 might be a better choice, at least it has some upgradability in the case. But then I would like to have the pro version with QHD because only.that supports nvidia Advanced Optimus... πŸ˜‘

The Alienware m15 line is interesting too, but the case & hinge looks stupid. Asus Zephyrus G15 is not for me, but the tech looks fine.

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I'm thinking about finally replacing my Dell XPS laptop. Maybe with a Razer Blade 14...? πŸ€” I want a gaming laptop with a metal case, also not more than 15". I need to look at the Asus ROG too.

I just saw the for today has 20 minutes of 15s max airbike calories... RIP me.

Interesting. My oura ring gives me a pretty low score over the last 2 weeks, but when I check in Elite HRV I get an above average HRV for my age group... πŸ€”

Well, my oura ring tells me to maybe take a break to recover. πŸ˜‘ I'll take it really slow in the gym today, no , just some technique practice and fun stuff like rope climbs and l-sits.

Got the portable A/C running with a makeshift exhaust pipe out the window.

Had to take a nap after my , although I didn't push it today. It was a grind as expected. If you need 30min to sweat, try this:

1.5mi run (I did 3k row instead), 40 push press 43kg, 50cal airbike, 30 push press.

Off to the gym. Todays is a long grind, but fortunately without heavy weights. My recovery is not great and I need to get it back up again... πŸ˜‘

First easy coding session while walking on my treadmill. Just for my youtube-dl project, nothing complicated.

I managed to get 4000 steps in. My oura ring is not tracking it right, because my hands are on the desk or keyboard most of the time, but I want to increase my daily activity, not track it exactly.

Another team today. 300 wall ball shots split equally by 2. I wore my lifting shoes and it felt good. Probably more wall balls today than in the whole 6 months before.

Found my bluetooth foldable keyboard again and now I only want to type with a physical keyboard on my phone again.

Carrying the pok3r 60% around might be overkill though. :mastolol:

Ordered new leathers, black and tan - 1mm thinkness instead of 4mm. 😁

My first project, a cigar case. Not pretty, not for two cigars as planned, edges not finished (yet). The top cap is too large,the leather is too thick, I had no clamps nor wooden frame to form the leather.

But I learned a bunch, I used the tools and I already have ideas for the 2nd version of this. 😎

I need to redo the top of my cigar case because I cut it out too narrow, now it won't fit over the bottom. πŸ™ƒ I stitched it already, but it was also my first stitch and it doesn't really look good. It's not really that bad, and I learned a couple things already.

Stitching those pieces will take a lot longer than I expected. I guess I didn't pierce the holes good enough so have to redo every single one before I can thread the needle... 😬

Sitting with the stitching pony also is no joke, after a workout with lots of deadlifts, hang power cleans and push jerks. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Stated to craft a leather cigar case. Started to cut the pieces, stamp the thread holes and now the leather is soaked to straighten it out for glueing and stitching this evening. Wet molding will take place tomorrow I guess.

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