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Just finished the PvP part of a catalyst quest in . Now the fun starts again.

Lots of talking during the last two days. I helped a new colleage set up his machine and open his first merge request.

But my is coming up in one hour, and I'm joining the class workout again today. Should be fun, but I will definitely mess up my rep counts. 😃 Mental capacity is spent.

this native rust client is follow-worthy. it's cross-platform and nightly builds are available.

I didn't do any accessory work, just the bike intervals and that's it for today.

Here's a of the 2nd of 10 intervals. 5x15s, 3x75s and 1x180s. First of the 75s ones was disgusting.

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Funfact (+) Mutmachend wie ich finde 

Die meisten Leute probieren auch nur so rum.

Insbesondere die, die wir so besonders cool finden und denken, die wüssten Bescheid.

Das Geheimnis ist nicht, zu wissen, was zu tun ist (das ist auch gut, nur eben nicht notwendig), sondern weiter zu machen, auch wenn etwas unsicher oder sogar schief gegangen ist.

Einfach weiter rum probieren. Weiter machen. Besser werden. Bescheid wissen, ist kein Zustand, sondern ein immer wieder neu lernen und weiter machen.

At least there is a to look forward to! Max effort intervals on the airbike... 😬

But no heavy weights. The last two days already roughed me up quite a bit, so I'm happy today is taxing in a different kind.

Off to the . Today is a heavy day, but with high heartrate. Not sure if I want to do bar muscle ups though, maybe I stick to pull ups during the .

Of course, it runs in 2 nginx instances on my raspberry pi kubernetes cluster and I edit the content as a configmap. 🤷‍♂️

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Added dark mode support to my personal dashboard with my important links. I use it as a startpage for my browser to quickly navigate to my most visited links and it bothered me that whenever I switch my computers to dark mode I got blinded by the white background...

I wasn't sure I would use the dasboard, because typing stuff into the address bar is also quite fast, but I noticed I use it daily and added some more links after a while.

Good video about people taking offense in stuff they don't have any business in

If you don't know ObesetoBeast yet, maybe check him out on YouTube. I don't follow all his content, but sometimes good stuff comes up.

Ordered new sweatbands for my wrists. I do sweat a lot on arms and legs. And head. And chest. And feet. 😑

Wow, so blank liegen die Nerven beim Freitag? Da kann man dann natürlich den Inhalt anderer Leute als "Quatsch" bezeichnen. 🙄

Played my first round of the new season this morning. Finally back in the dreaming city. I always liked the style, and the Blind Well activity.

Well, I preordered the deluxe edition of the next expansion. Coming next February. 🤷‍♂️😎

Back to editing my notes with SublimeText on desktops and Markor on my phone. 🤷‍♂️

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Yeah, well. I guess I will export all my joplin notes to plain markdown again. The sync upgrade is not finishing.

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Wow, upgrading my sync target for v2.3.x takes a *long* time... 🙄 Without any progress indication.

Off to the gym, after 4 days of rest. Definitely needed, I guess I did too many |s with heavy weights and felt pretty beat down last Wednesday.

I opened my own clan in mostly to have a way to get the rewards as a casual PvE player. There will be no weekly schedules, no playtime requirements, no required group activities at all.


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