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Made a new key holder with some scrap leather. My first button, too. But I guess I need to practice those or maybe I did something wrong? πŸ€”

Anyway, Ilike it and the next version will be better.

Well, I farmed the 1k snowball kills in a lost sector on Europa to get the last missing triumph for the dawning event in . Don't ask me why.

Latest work, again a piece for my cigars. Basic case for my lighter. Now I feel the urge to replace the metal cutter with a brass one... 😁

I ordered a bunch of buttons, screws, matching tools and a set of stamp letters for my leather work. I need another room to set up a workshop soon... 😬

Once again I cancelled my previous appointment for my 3rd vaccination and now I have a new date for next week. 😊 Another week shaved off the waiting time.

Well, I really don't want to go today. But it's time, it's in my calendar and the WOD looks painful: 50 GHD sit ups, 50 cal airbike, same amount of time as rest, then 35 toes-to-bar, 35 cal airbike. 😬

Also it's raining, but I might take the car today... it's available and I really don't want to get soaking wet.

Second to last leg of christmas travel. We're back home tonight.

I notice that I don't read written interviews. I don't understand that format. If i take the time to read an article, I want a good coherent text which presents the opinion of the writer, the facts (with links to proper sources), all the good things.

If i want to listen to a conversation, I'll play a podcast.

I opened my own clan in mostly to have a way to get the rewards as a casual PvE player. There will be no weekly schedules, no playtime requirements, no required group activities at all.


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