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Alright, I need to eat... waking up so early messes up my schedule for the day.

Note to self: I need to turn off auto white balance on my phone camera...

More progress on my messenger bag. The stitch lines are pretty rough, and I'm starting to regret that I didn't use the sewing machine for the project... the leather is really soft, I bet the machine can handle three layers.

Finally arrived in Liurnia. I skipped Stormveil for now, need to level up even more before I attempt that boss. I will also use all the summons and coop I can get when I go for it.

Todays is E3MOM of 10 rounds of 8 v-ups+12cal airbike.

Originally it has toes-to-bar, but my shoulder isn't having any of this overhead nonsense at the moment and I don't want to push it. Scaling for life!

One day after bringing a new TRX type sling trainer to the , I open one of the lockers and find the old one, which I searched for quite a lot. Of course.

60km ride. Summer gloves were a bit thin, but it's pretty nice to ride again.

Ok, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would. Last time was a really bad day, because I improved my time about 7min to 27:00. The squats felt heavy but not soul crushing and I could walk and talk normal afterwards. That was definitely not the case last time. 😁

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Who thought that putting the webcam videos in at the bottom? Obviously that has to be the most common placement of webcams so it's perfectly fine. πŸ™„

Ok, I have really bad memories of the last time I did this :

20 back squats with 65%
2mi run
20 back squats with 65%

I'm curious if that was a bad day or if the workout really is that hard for me... πŸ€” I definitely need to stand up at my desk now until the afternoon, otherwise I need lots of warmup time.

Also the new TRX sling trainer arrived and I could potentially try it out on the sled, if I can still move after the workout.

Off to the . Short, intense with lots of accessory work afterwards.

I peeked into tomorrows planning and it's a pretty long workout that really destroyed me last time... 😬 So, best to enjoy today and worry about tomorrow when the day actually comes.

Pistol squats from last week as accessory work after my . Going ok with elevated heels, but without it's hit or miss.

I opened my own clan in mostly to have a way to get the rewards as a casual PvE player. There will be no weekly schedules, no playtime requirements, no required group activities at all.


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