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Off to the . Todays is weight lifting, 30min EMOM of hang power cleans. I'll probably use light weight and work on technique.

Amazons move to not allow payment in the apps anymore really is stupid. They not even provide a direct link to their website to ourchase something? Do I really have to share the link and then remove the stupid text the prepend to it manually?

job suche 

Ich finde DevOps, Open Source und Security spanned. Ich bin eine gute "Erklär Bärin" , "Katzen Hüterin" aber eine relativ unerfahrene Software Entwicklerin.

Spätestens ab Winter brauche ich einen neuen remote Job. Liebe community, wenn ihr eine gute Firma kennt, die gerade jemanden sucht, schick bitte eine PN.

Some upcoming projects: new lanyard for my bike key, new keyfob with a more involved design than the 2-screw-swivel wrap.

Last piece of accessory work for todays : pistols. Elevated heels help a lot, my ankle mobility is crap. 🤷‍♂️

Created an account at to maybe move my backups away from S3.

Quick project during my lunch break. A belt sheath for my new Leatherman. A little rough around the edges, but it was made on a whim with no planning at all.

Off to the . Finally no strong winds and the sun is out too. That's a much more pleasant bike ride than all of last week. 😊

New leather ordered for my next projects. I'm still in the mode "buy a different cheap, reduced leather every time" to get a better understanding what type of leather I like and how to work with different types.

I already recognized that I don't particularly like soft leathers.

Working on my first belt. Again, leather is too soft so I had to double it. Now glue and stitchlines are involved...

The new dungeon in is pretty hard. My fireteam was a bit underlevelled and the trash mobs wiped us really fast. Next try after a bit more of leveling, maybe next week.

I probably postpone my until the weather behaves again. Grey sky, strong winds, rain... I could do with a few days of mild temperatures, sun and no winds now.

There it is: SEL1635GM. 😍 Guess I need to go catch some sunrises soon.

The new synology DS720+ already feels a lot better than the WD mycloud ex2 ultra. The UI is a lot better and performance is waaaaay better.

Back on stock on my 8 Pro because:

* fails SafetyNet and I don't want to jump through hoops every update
* stock camera app works way better than gcam or opencamera
* Google Pay does not work without SafetyNet

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