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Off to the soon. Looks like I can pick up my new Carlyle HR too.

First day back on the Renaissance periodization nutrition plan. As expected I didn't finish my meal, need to adapt to the amounts of food again... next meal is after my workout.

My new smartwatch is the Carlyle HR (gen. 5).

The is dead and I can't reset/reboot it. I also looked at the and watches. Garmin is not for me I guess and the interesting Fitbit ones are not released yet, and I want an watch.

On the way home after a short overnight stay in a french hotel.

Wow, you can only book a 20GB "datapass" for 20€ when your included volume is still active. After that you can only book a 1GB "speedon" for 8€.

Mobile providers. The worst of them all. πŸ˜‘

5GB is not enough data cap for a week... and the option to book additional 20GB is not available on one of my SIM. You gotta love mobile providers...

Q: "Hey #Tusky, how do I open the app drawer when there is no toggle for it?"
A: "Long-press on the drawer's side of the screen"

If I read on at this speed I might get through all books by Richard Morgan this week... πŸ˜ƒ

I got a pretty good sunburn already. Long clothes for the next days.πŸ™ƒ

As expected, way too early for breakfast in the hotel. We probably take off and eat breakfast on the road later.

Soooo, if I disable the main navigation in how do I get back into the settings? πŸ€”

Things I like so far about

* Cover images
* Like Markdown, but works (unlike Nextcloud Notes...)
* Search + Links to pages
* Databases with different views for information (I use calendar+table view a lot now)

So far, so good.

I'm testing as a note taking/journaling/knowledge base thing.

I don't plan to work out during vacation, but I'll take a jump rope and resistance bands with me just in case... πŸ˜ƒ

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