If you don't trust xxx or have some concern about xxx, just don't use them. You'll be fine and happy in the future.

To "What about xxx" people, previous words could be applied to Facebook, Microsoft, Google, etc.


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To people who like to ask "what about...", it's a different level.

"Outside of this political content, we also found censorship of health-related information, including the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths, as well as references to personal protective equipment supplies and medical facilities."


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The problem with #TikTok is not whether it is based in China or the US. The problem with TikTok is TikTok. Here's why: tutanota.com/blog/posts/proble

The main question about TikTok shouldn't be only about data collection and app itself, as other apps did the similar things.

And I always think people shouldn't put too much time and effort on these corporate software if people care about privacy and freedom.

The critical question about TikTok should be, who can access the data in the server of TikTok?


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I'll say it again and again.
Not every Linux distribution is equal.
Manjaro has some serious issues now. Every user should be very concerned about and consider to leave.
Fortunately, still some distributions Linux users can trust, like Debian, Fedora, Arch, etc.
User has option to choose. It's an advantage of Linux distribution. Don't do evil and shady things.


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Work is part of life. Work shouldn't be the whole part of life.
Every human being shouldn't be used as a machine or tool by other people, corporate, and government to achieve their own goals.
If a person just lives as a work machine, where's his own life and value?

Work to give ourselves a better life, not the worse one.


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He couldn't find his value and meaning in his life and work. He just worked for money, for corporate and other people. It's not the life he wanted. But he had no option to leave.

If he has someone or family member who really loves him and he loves, his life would be changed. He could find someone to talk about things he only wanted them to hear. He would find life mission and meaning to work for.

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Normal people really can't understand what depression is and why serious depression would lead to suicide. Don't blame people who commits suicide if you never felt it. You would never understand that. It's a downward spiral. It could last several years.

Why he made this decision? Here's my guess.

He felt lonely in this world.
He felt no one truly loves him, and no one he could find to talk about his feelings when he really needed.

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I wrote these words. I want to hear what would @mayuutann say.

Haruma Miura, a young, promising star has fallen. A really sad tragedy.

I'm even not a fanatic fan of entertainment industry. I just know few names in Japanese industry. But he's really famous although I first heard of.

But his news just haunted me so much. I think I can feel what he was feeling.

Right decision. The future would be brighter than previous path.
I think UK prime minister changed his mind totally after he got covid.
There's no THE best solution. But there's a better solution or a worse solution.
Don't wait something bad hit you, then you lose huge and have no option to change.
Short term economic benefit or long term security benefit.
What about you? Germany.


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Wandel durch Handel == We prefer money more than basic human rights.
Satsi would be very happy about these thoughts. They have legacy.
Dictators around the world would also be very happy. Take money, shut your mouth and we are good. Money is life. Once you have money, why you need stupid human rights? Slave prosperity is awesome.
What are you doing now? EU, especially Germany.


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While China tightens its grip on Hong Kong, we must keep fighting for freedom of speech and privacy: nytimes.com/2020/07/07/busines
To do our part, Tutanota enables everyone to get an anonymous & encrypted email account for free: tutanota.com/ #freedomofspeech #privacy #HongKong

"This is real Gestapo-level stuff." Donald Clarke wrote.


EU just talk, no act.
The world has been in similar situation like 1920s-1930s.
Although history didn't repeat itself simply, people should be reminded what happened before.


Around the world, people who care about human rights like privacy and free speech can't just watch horrendous things happen and do nothing, until it hits you.

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