"This is real Gestapo-level stuff." Donald Clarke wrote.


EU just talk, no act.
The world has been in similar situation like 1920s-1930s.
Although history didn't repeat itself simply, people should be reminded what happened before.



Wandel durch Handel == We prefer money more than basic human rights.
Satsi would be very happy about these thoughts. They have legacy.
Dictators around the world would also be very happy. Take money, shut your mouth and we are good. Money is life. Once you have money, why you need stupid human rights? Slave prosperity is awesome.
What are you doing now? EU, especially Germany.


The power of OSINT.

“'The concern is that Oracle executives are determining U.S. national security policy and yet have simultaneously pitched technology to Chinese police for intelligence purposes,' said Jack Poulson, who resigned from Google in 2018 after The Intercept exposed the company’s search plans in China."

“This is not the first such company, but this might be one of the most egregious examples.”


Let's bet. When will iCloud network be breached because of this?
<1y? 1-3y? 3-5y? 5-10y? >10y?


So much important information. Let's underscore some interesting details.

"The documents show that GCBD employees would have physical control over the servers.."
"The documents also show that Apple is using different encryption technology in China than elsewhere in the world.."
"The documents, from early 2020, indicated that Apple had planned to base the new devices on an older version of iOS.."
"Apple has tried to isolate the Chinese servers from the rest of its iCloud network... because they are, in effect, owned by the Chinese government.."

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