I wrote these words. I want to hear what would @mayuutann say.

Haruma Miura, a young, promising star has fallen. A really sad tragedy.

I'm even not a fanatic fan of entertainment industry. I just know few names in Japanese industry. But he's really famous although I first heard of.

But his news just haunted me so much. I think I can feel what he was feeling.


Normal people really can't understand what depression is and why serious depression would lead to suicide. Don't blame people who commits suicide if you never felt it. You would never understand that. It's a downward spiral. It could last several years.

Why he made this decision? Here's my guess.

He felt lonely in this world.
He felt no one truly loves him, and no one he could find to talk about his feelings when he really needed.

He couldn't find his value and meaning in his life and work. He just worked for money, for corporate and other people. It's not the life he wanted. But he had no option to leave.

If he has someone or family member who really loves him and he loves, his life would be changed. He could find someone to talk about things he only wanted them to hear. He would find life mission and meaning to work for.

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Work is part of life. Work shouldn't be the whole part of life.
Every human being shouldn't be used as a machine or tool by other people, corporate, and government to achieve their own goals.
If a person just lives as a work machine, where's his own life and value?

Work to give ourselves a better life, not the worse one.


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@cyotcku I read this article which is written about 8 years ago tho. he had told that he got too busy and exceeded his capability. He wanted to retire and wanted to do agriculture. But his mother persuaded him to keep doing as an actor. I imagine he was too tired and lost his normal spirit. very sad story... :blob_cry:


@mayuutann @mayuutann I always wish I can read japanese especially when watch some animes. But I read news from other sources. It's basically the same. So I wrote these thoughts. He should leave industry and have a peaceful life in rural area. Everything is too late now.
As a male, in my eyes, He's young and really handsome. Girls in Japan like him a lot, I guess. It's heartbroken.

@cyotcku true. many people got shocked to hear the news. He needed a long vacation. But Maybe his company didn't allow it. He was too popular.

@mayuutann He worked in the industry more than 20 years. His best years devoted to his jobs. Children and teenages in similar age would go to school and have a happy life. His company always wants more. That's really too much. It's not fair.

@cyotcku I imagine his life may have been had so many fetters that he couldn't escape his life.

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