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Wenn auch etwas spät, hier zur Erinnerung: Heute (Montag) ist LUGO Tag ( wir treffen uns ab ca. 19:00 im Balou in #osnabrueck - wer gerne über GNU/Linux, Freie Software und was man damit machen kann redet ist herzlich eingeladen! #LUG #Linux #FreeSoftware

It would be really nice if the driver/config file would be open source.

! I'm currently searching for a cups configuration file for a "canon pixma mg 5650" printer. I haven't found any config file yet. Maybe somebody can help me or has a clue where I can find a config file for this printer.

For everyone who is interessted in Boardgames. Here is a great Kickstarter campaign: :toot:
VALHALLA: Card-dice game for 1-6 players

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Kommender Montag (12.11.2018) ist der zweite Montag des Monats und damit LUGO-Tag! Wir treffen uns ab ca. 19:00 im Balou in #osnabrueck, wenn Du Dich für GNU/Linux, Freie Software oder coole Sachen, die man damit mache kann interessierst, bist Du herzlich eingeladen! #LUG #Linux #FreeSoftware

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SE never fails🤣🤣

Ich muss @seppini für diese großartigen Mastodon Emojis einfach nochmal danke sagen.

DANKE! :toot:

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Wir haben unsere Sprints durch Arbeitsgruppen ersetzt. Im Moment haben wir 5 Arbeitsgruppen:

* Programmierung in
* Internet Server
* -Scripts

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Good . It's a great day for some tea and a couple of server adjustments. :toot:

A in a life of a system administrator:

1. wonders that does not connect from .

2. logs into the and looks whats up... service is not running (error in )

3. reads a bit about . Installs required service, but openvpn connection does not work after restart.

4. uninstall dnsmasq service and restart pi again. openvpn works...

WHAT THE... F*** :mastorage:

Started listening to "The Art of Invisibility" from Kevin . I'm very interested in this . :toot:

Finally I removed and now use my lovely also on my desktop computer. :debian: :mastolove:

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Gpg4win's new v3.1.4 mainly improves the Outlook "Add-in" for crypto email. Try it, or retry if you haven't for a while. There has been a good flow of improvements since version 3.0 was published a year ago. In sum it makes a huge difference, and we can analyse problems much better now.

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The virtual Linux user group is currently discussing a way to make proper over the . Everyone that has some ideas about how to do it. Feel free to contact me or the @devlug :toot:

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