Does anybody know how to set a custom Jitsi server in the -desktop application? In other words.. where's the 'config.json' file located where I can set the 'preferredDomain' variable for the Jitsi instance?

@jcgruenhage Thanks! If I'm getting it right I'd have to build the app by myself to be able to set a config file path which wasn't my original intention tbh. I wish you could just override some values with a costum config file in ~/.config/Element even for a packaged version.

@datensalat no, you don't need to build it yourself. `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/Element/config.json` should work, which is described in the section I linked in the previous post. Does that work for you?

@jcgruenhage Uh missed that last paragraph. You're right, thank again! :)

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