»IPv6 kann nicht zu Ihrem Produkt hinzugebucht werden.«, Deutschland, 21. Jahrhundert.

Until yesterday I didn't care if people maintain their community in Slack or another silo. But today, looking for technical details, I understood why this is such a bad idea. The information is not indexed and can therefore not be found via normal search engines. Only lost knowledge.

Bong Joon-hos »Parasite« angesehen. Die ersten zehn Minuten sind gut, die letzten zehn gehen auch, der Rest ist langweilig. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass die Juroren in Cannes auch nur Anfang und Ende gesehen haben.

"systemd[1156]: Reached target GNOME Session is stable (running for >2 minutes)." I still need some time to think about what I can say to this message.

Isn't something wrong when you need a knowledge base article to tell your customers where to find the updates?

Seven hours on the train now. Wish me good luck!

Good documentation starts with phrases like "... consider a WAN connected through low-bandwidth (64kbit/s) links ..."

What does „it‘s not much work“ really mean?

Zwei Personen, einmal durch Deutschland und zurueck, Bahn 345,--EUR, Mietwagen (inkl. Benzin) 310,--EUR, Flugzeug 152,--EUR.

If you write documentation which includes configuration files, please add a complete, functional version of it to the text instead of distribute incomplete fragments all over the document. There is enough space in the world wide web.

An Brückentagen ist ÖPNV Fahren wie es sein sollte. Pünktliche Züge, keiner drin. Perfekt.

The conversation with the marketing department about mail signatures reminds me of RFC 1855 [1].

„If you include a signature keep it short. Rule of thumb is no longer than 4 lines. Remember that many people pay for connectivity by the minute, and the longer your message is, the more they pay.“

[1] tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1855

Learned something about "same-origin policy" today -- the hard way.

Georg Solti erwarb sich den Beinamen "The Screaming Skull" --- als Dirigent.

„Glück ist wenn eine Möglichkeit auf Vorbereitung trifft“ ... heute gelernt.

What is the tea equivalent of "Espresso Forte"?

I miss the hard drive activity LED in modern notebooks, which was the last usable indicator for system state.

Worst timestamp format ever: 02/Jan/18 3:04 PM

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