Trump is such an inspiration. What a smart man. Better (by a way higher degree) than that last "president".

Also, Theresa May is great.

Rachel Joy Scott. What an inspiring person. I'm Catholic and I ain't afraid to say so.

@deavmi sure, from time to time I check on pjuu. Nice bunch of people around there.
New render I did yesterday (with the render plugin I'm developing). I added some features to a existing scene I had, I'll add more details tonight. Just wanted to share.
Every now and then I look at the amount of stuff I write in #python or shell and feel guilty about not writing more lower-level stuff in C, for example. This quickly evaporates, though, the moment I realize that I'm not as familiar with the standard library there as I am with the higher-level languages. Where can I get some inspiration to practice C or C++ in GNU/Linux?
@deavmi nah, it's maemo. A tragedy that this OS got purged by nokia long before they were bought by Microsoft. It was great.

These protestors should be arrested and some of them have been already. Liberal tards.

@deavmi yes, very basic and slightly confusing in the beginning, but a client nonetheless for the command-line. Check it out here:
twitter emailed me to tell me to watch a live reality horror film on their website just now; i have opted out of all emails a thousand times and the unsubscribe link in this email just redirects to the front page. !evilcorpos
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