Conversations with audio and video calls has been released. In restricted networks conversations will use dismails server to proxy the encrypted traffic. Please report any issues.

Thank you Daniel, thank you Holger and everyone involved!

Due to urgent network maintenance, the following services will not be available on Wednesday, 15th between 5:00 and 7:00 UTC

* Email
* Webservices (webmail, webchat, pastbin, trashmail)

In response to user requests, now offers email aliases (up to five). To activate a new alias you have to send a request to support.

The second Ad-, Tracker- and Malwaredomains filtering DNS resolver (fdns2) is online. Please have a look for the details at

XMPP message archive (MAM) policy changed:

Archived XMPP messages now expire after 7 days, it was 21 days before.

You might have noticed short XMPP outages today. They were caused by problems with the database servers. Everything is back to normal, sorry for any inconvenience.

Some people have asked why the XMPP server was migrated to ejabberd, what I liked about Prosody, why I have chosen Prosody in the first place and what I recommend for beginners - prosody or ejabberd.
Please read it on

XMPP migration is almost finished

The new nodes are up and running, but there are some problems with imported MUCs.
Somehow the ejabberd importer didn't imported the MUCs properly. If you are a dismail MUC Admin and don't want to wait until I have found a solution, you can "fix" it by yourself by deleting and recreating your MUC.
If you need any assistance please contact me. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Scheduled XMPP downtime on Sunday, November 3th 05:00-08:00 UTC

The XMPP service will be migrated from Prosody to ejabberd. During the migration XMPP and the account registration will not be available. The estimated downtime is 3 hours.

Due to maintenance work, the following webservices will not be available on Friday between 4:00 and 05:00 UTC


@DU_HW_IO Hallo, eine Zusammenfassung ist derzeit noch in der alten Datenschutzerklärung zu finden:

Today, the database servers has been migrated from a master-slave to a multi-master architecture (2 DB nodes + 1 quorum).
Everything is working as expected, but maybe some adjustments have to be made in the next days. This shouldn't cause any issues, but who knows.

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