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XMPP - prosody to ejabberd migration

As first part of the long planned prosody migration I have finally started with the evaluation and testing of ejabberd. This will take some time, as there are some dismail specific things to take into account.
If I do not come across any showstoppers, prosody will be migrated to ejabberd in a few weeks.

fdns1 - With the last maintenance two small nasty bugs slipped in, which made some DNS clients to fail sometimes, under some conditions.
It took me quite some time, but everthing should work fine again - if not, please let me know.

Due to maintenance work, the DNS resolver fdns1 will not be available on Friday, 19th between 06:30 and 08:30 UTC

XMPP was unavailable for a few minutes, sorry for any inconvenience.
Ja, so ist es. Zu jeder XMPP Adresse kann eine gleichlautende E-Mail Adresse aktiviert werden.

Können wir gerne machen. Schreib mir dazu am besten eine E-Mail, dann können wir uns besser abstimmen.

@vmaudlwx E-Mailadressen und Aliase gehören zu den Bestandsdaten eines Kontos. Da sich Anfragen auf ein Konto beziehen schließt das auch E-Mail Aliase ein.

The second MX Server is up and running. With that, the whole restructuring and upgrading is mostly finished. As always, please report any issues.

@vmaudlwx Auch wenn der ein oder andere Anbieter so etwas gerne zu Marketingzwecken verwendet, alle in Deutschland ansässigen Email Provider müssen sich an die selben Gesetze halten und diese lassen aus meiner Sicht keinen Spielraum für verschiedene "Styles" zu. Wobei großen Provider natürlich andere Mittel zur Bearbeitung solcher Anfragen zur Verfügung stehen. Im Ausland ansässige Provider, wie, müssen sich entsprechend nach den dort geltenden Gesetzen richten.

Server migration - Part III

The XMPP service will be moved to a new server on April 7th 8:00-10:00 UTC. XMPP will not be available during the migration.

Server migration - Part II

dismail's website has been moved to the new webserver (This also affects some XMPP clients which do not use XMPP SRV Records. Appropriate network rules are in place, so everything should work as usual). Additionally the XMPPS address has been changed. Please report any issues.

Webchat and XMPP filestore has been moved to a new server.

The XMPP service will be moved to a new server. As a first step, the Webchat and the XMPP filestore has been moved to the new webserver, please report any issues.

As announced TLS v1.0 and TLS v1.1 are no longer supported (IMAP and SMTP). If you receive errors such as "Unknown SSL protocol error in connection", please update your client.

IMAP and SMTP: is going to drop support for TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 in March 2019.

Yes, I have noticed it - Prosody 0.11.0 has been released and a few days later Prosody 0.11.1
So why haven't I updated yet?
.. read it on

XMPP: Due to maintenance in the providers Data Center there will be a short network interruption on Thursday Dec 13th between 3:00-5:00 UTC

The new SMTP Servers are now up and running, please report any issues.

Currently you might experience connection problems to the SMTP Gateway. This could be related to the preparation of new SMTP-Servers. I'm working on it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

In then next few days I will start integrating new IMAP and DB Servers. Actually they are already in sync, but there are some subsequent works to be done. Most can be done without interruption, some not (most likely you will not notice it)

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