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thought I'd say hello since I'm new, and share this shot of Saturn I took using a celestron 8se and a Sony a5000. I'm still working on getting the focus down with the scope but it's not bad for my second night of shooting! Even being able to see the rings is pretty spectacular.

For people not knowing that feature, you can test it by using a theme created by contributors.

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New #Fedilab will allow to compose threads before posting.
Each element (messages composing a thread) can have their own media, poll, even mentions.
Also, the app will detect limits of your instance (max chars per message, max file size, file format, max number of media, etc.).
This should give you a better UX when composing.

Hey Fedi.

I have a acquaintance interested in mastodon. Looking for an instance focused around outdoorsy stuff. Any recommendations?

#askfedi #askfediverse

Hi, everyone. It has been a long time :)
Lot of new issues were reported during the time I was away. I have started to fix them

If you have found any issues in Fedilab, UntrackMe or TubeLab, please share them with me. If you have suggestions or feature requests, share those too :)
Thank you!

- Thomas

Danish researchers found that students who disconnected from Facebook for just one week reported notable increases in life satisfaction and positive emotions.

My dad just called me to tell me to look at the clouds lol and wow look at these clouds (and the moon) !!! #theskytoday

Where is Tiffany Dover???
Never forget the first woman to take a Pfizer shot live on TV, who fainted on camera and has presumably died amidst a very cold and awkward coverup.
She was publicly sacrificed. Never forget.

Every week, around this time, we send an update to share the latest updates in the Matrix ecosystem and beyond. This Week in Matrix is out now, with a whole LOAD of news about clients, servers, bridges and more! #matrix #twim #decentralisation

I kinda wish more people would give the android version of Firefox a try. On my phone it actually has better (smoother) scrolling performance than Chrome; and of course the other benefit is you can have a proper ad blocker extension (I use uBlock Origin) installed.

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