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thought I'd say hello since I'm new, and share this shot of Saturn I took using a celestron 8se and a Sony a5000. I'm still working on getting the focus down with the scope but it's not bad for my second night of shooting! Even being able to see the rings is pretty spectacular.

Matrix room for Android stuff
Fuck the r/android Discord, they can go fuck themselves

Don't pay for discord nitro
put that money towards something like the EFF or other charities

Once again, I know that UFOs are a real thing because I saw one

How old is the phone you're currently using (I mean time since you started using it, not since its been manufactured)?

Belarusian hijacking 

The Belarusian hijacking story is just getting more fucked by the minute. So apparently Lukashenko ordered a fighter plane scrambled in order to get the RyanAir plane to land.

Let me say that again, slowly: civilian plane just flying over a country forced to land by a fighter airplane on presidential order so they could put one guy organizing a Telegram channel on death row.

Between this and MH17, it's time to start planning airplane routes carefully when one flies.

Belarusian secret police organized a fake bombing to hijack Ryanair plane Athens - Vilnius to capture one of the former Nexta telegram channel editors. He is now arrested in #Minsk. #Belarus WTF?!

my friend who teaches kids, just schooled me on tentacles vs arms

Do you use the translation feature with #Fedilab?
Did you know that we use our own translation engine without any tracking?

Don't hesitate to support us with server charges. Privacy is not an option.

Thank you 🙏

Another image of M31- the Andromeda Galaxy. This time with the 0.5m Baker-Nunn telescope of @RAOastronomy (hence B&W). In this image we can see up and to the right of the core M110-a satellite galaxy of M31. Also below core on the edge of M31, M32-another satellite galaxy of M31.


Do you have a few dozen gigabytes of free diskspace and a machine that can seed it via #bittorrent?

You can help save an unbelievable trough of scientific knowledge from disappearing behind the elites' paywalls!

Spread the word and seed till you bleed – for the betterment of humanity!

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