Was it intentional to change the behaviour when using the fetch more button? Previously the timeline would stay at the last read toot but now it jumps up so I have to scroll down to find the last read toot again (and possibly press the fetch more button again and repeat the above again).

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Manche Aufkleber muss man des Nachts (vor)bestellen: "Vorratsmatenspeicherung" für die Tür des Getränkekühlschranks im Hackspace ;)

shop.digitalcourage.de/vorrats (p)

Woops something seems a bit off. Also is it possible to decrease the unread count when scrolling up in the timeline.

@fdroidorg what does anti-feature SET tell me? There is no wiki entry.

Nach langer Zeit ohne großartige sportliche Aktivität geschweige denn irgendetwas in Richtung Ausdauer mal wieder gelaufen. 10km in 1 Stunde und 23 Minuten. Nicht die beste Zeit und "nur" auf dem Laufband, aber es fühlt sich ganz gut an.

@lain not sure what I went wrong but I couldn't get my own pleroma instance running. The federation did not work somehow. Not sure if using develop branch is a good idea but v0.9.0 wouldn't work with the erlang version provided by Arch Linux. But I guess I'll keep trying because I really want to get it up and running.

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Hey EU friends experiencing the heat wave please remember to:

Keep water with you at all times, stay hydrated

Wear loose fitting clothing so your body can keep cool

Avoid spending excess time in parked vehicles

Avoid excess soda, alcohol, or caffiene

Eat foods with high water content (chilled fruits, etc)

If you feel dizzy, have goosebumps/chills, nausea, rapid pulse, difficulty breathing, or an intense headache drink lots of water and rest.

Love, your buddy in South Texas

@milan vermutlich habe ich irgendwo, irgendetwas überlesen, aber ich Frage trotzdem mal: auf der Webseite ist ein Diaspora Pod verlinkt, der aber wohl aktuell (oder schon länger) nicht (mehr) funktioniert. Soll das so? Frage nur, weil ich Diaspora mal testen wollte 😉

So I can keep people from following me by a setting, but I can't remove followers once they are there? Or am I missing something?


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