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A voice spoke, warm and kindly, just beyond the barrier, amongst the deep shadows of the old trees. The leaves rustled gently, in time with each word, which wasn't noticed, because of the rabbit.

It was incredibly cute.

"Please help me catch him, he's so helpless and tasty."

"Will there be a reward?"


The rabbit lured the lone human into the thicket. The forest burped, and the rabbit was never without a warren or delicious greens.

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"I could have sworn a vampire was residing in this townhouse," muttered the slayer, baffled.

His sidekick shrugged, "A full fridge, real trash, evidence of meals cooked and eaten, and..."

Their intern grimaced, "And the septic tank is full of normal human waste."

They ignored the slender tabby with the bright pink, sparkling collar as she followed them out.

None of them had thought to check for a litter box, or pet food...

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"Fear not, fair maiden," the knight said, "I shall free you."
"Go away," said the woman, "I'm bait."
"This is the dragon's clever plan to meet you."
"Meet me?"
"Yes, he saw you fight someone and was smitten."
"He did? I mean, he was?"
"This dragon, is he handsome?"
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It looked like just another quest notice.
"There's a princess?" one knight said.
"No," said another, "it's not from the king."
"Then who?"
"The dragon's daughter."
"She shouldn't need permission."
"Fine. Let's go."
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The voices were unbearable, so I phased as far from the council chamber, and the paladins within, as possible without actually leaving Gwylan's Keep.

The cellars were dark and cool; I found comfort among the cheese and wine.

Despite being seized due to a "Grim Prophecy", I politely hadn't expressed my displeasure.

I ignored the ensuing panic once my absence was noted, opting to keep enjoying good food, drink and solitude for a bit longer.

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Someone asked me once that as a straight dude, am I bothered about how high-profile LGBTQ+ initiatives become in mainstream culture.

I think they were surprised when I said no because their advocating for themselves gives us space for us all to be fuller versions of ourselves. If anything, we should be supporting them more vocally.

Sure, we may have differences of opinion about who we find attractive but that's always going to be the case. I like thick women with glasses and smart mouths. Ha, everybody's not into that. And that's fine.

I think there's a lot more space and weirdness for straight folks to exist in that we have no need to be threatened by people that arent'.

At the end of the day, I feel like we all should be on the same page in expanding what it is to be human because in some way shape, or form we are all suffering the effects of having our humanity crushed into boxes that aren't meant to contain it.

In my estimation, we're all on the same side.

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Who called it "malloc()" and not "see_you_later_allocator()" ?

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The vampires cuddled, observing the neon-lit city.

For centuries they'd explored all that was possible in unlife, themselves and each other.

"There's kinder words for who I am now; the expectations I was assigned at birth were stifling."

"I was content but only because I knew so little," their partner recollected.

"The world is almost ready for me to seek being human again..."

"Any decade now, and we can finally grow old together."

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The aliens watched the cleaning robot known as 'Stabby the Roomba' work its way past them.
"The Humans named it."
"Exemplifying the Human propensity for seeing Humanity in, well, anything."
"With one curious exception."
"Other Humans."
"Historically. They learned."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

The challenge of having a functioning system and resisting mucking with it because tinkering is fun 😩

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I don't use a screen reader, but I benefit from image descriptions too because they help me understand what the poster wanted to communicate with the image. They're especially helfpul when it's a screenshot of something I don't have context for.

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if you were wondering what happens when oulipo.social (doesn't allow the letter E) meets dolphin.town (only allows the letter E): dolphin.town/users/e/updates/2

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