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i can't trick myself into thinking it's a long time ago, as if i'm cosplaying someone else when i watch movies.

i'm not trying to judge it based on modern standards. i just can't remedy cringe by looking up its copyright date. it's not fun watching blackface, guys.

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when i watch an old movie or tv series, and it's super racist and homophobic, people sometimes tell me "well, it was a different time."

and that's true, it definitely was, and i understand the contemporaneous context, but i'm not watching it then. i'm watching it *now*

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so @MayorFrey@twitter.com secret public safety group refuses to adhere to simple and sensible MN open meeting laws, and one of it's members tied to the mayor, named in a federal search warrant regarding a non-profit grift in the same day. house.leg.state.mn.us/hrd/pubs

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Alas, r/antiwork was doomed without organization and actual community building, and subsequently ate itself.

Why are leftists so shit at this?

It would not surprise me at all if this is the catalyst for more right wing violence.

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this is gonna be a f*cking trainwreck


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The city of Minneapolis is paying $100,000 because it wouldn’t share records that are - by law - public. twitter.com/webster/status/148

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Infuriating MPD secrecy policy that endangers public safety cost taxpayers $100,000. Remember, the mayor has & does supervise the department unilaterally, and the policy also accrues to the much-lauded former chief. twitter.com/webster/status/148

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REI’s anti-union letter is pretty indicative of where the cooperative movement is at right now. Consumer co-ops are behaving more and more like the institutions they were meant to replace.

We must redemocratize these institutions.

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The president of Burkina Faso was arrested in an apparent coup by mutinous soldiers, with gunfire reported at bases.

Soldiers issued demands like replacing military leaders and more resources to use against an Islamist insurgency that has displaced 1.5 million people since 2015.

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Y’all charter questions just mean yes we can move forward, it doesn’t mean that anything is in effect. Funny that question 2 push back was that there was no plan for us to review. Guess what doesn’t have a plan and staff is working it out? QUESTION 1. 👀

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This man dated a friend recently and started terrorizing her when she tried to cut him off. He's dangerous. twitter.com/patiencezalanga/st

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Locals: "Why is crime going up?"

Me: *acts out Spongebob diaper scene only with blatantly obvious drivers of the phenomenon*

JFC the average American is about as ignorant as they come and completely conditioned to ignore everything going on around them.


We're beyond tax.

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You heard the American people—tax the rich!

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None of this will change until guillotine jokes stop being jokes and a few hundred capitalists get a shave.

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Nurses in Wisconsin blocked from accepting a new higher paying job by a court after old hospital sues to stop them from leaving until they can hire replacements AND people attacked by private security in cop cars in Minneapolis...

Just a glorious day in the Midwest.

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The USPS covid tests provides more support for my proposal to have the USPS open up an online everything store like amazon.

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