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This is the first receipt. The AFL-CIO, Teamsters, and SEIU all chose to throw workers under the bus to keep cops in their unions.

The group making the decisions included the dang FOP. Wtf?


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Israeli forces & settler colonialists are brutalizing Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah right now to steal their homes.

The US pays for Israel to maintain its apartheid.

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The gross labor flows data show that:

1. More people are taking jobs than before.

2. The increase in job exits is being driven by women leaving the labor force, not entering into unemployment.

Neither suggest unemployment benefits as a problem.


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Watch | Israeli occupation forces use brutal force against nonviolent Palestinian civilians in the Old City of occupied , today.

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Its amazing how a group of people who have been persecuted for so long took the first opportunity to become the oppressive ones and fucking are okay with it.

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Zionists really try to call all those opposed to this horrific colonial violence β€œanti-semitic.” Do you realize how outrageous that claim is?! twitter.com/timesofgaza/status

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I RT Dan Price because while Dan Price is both A) A Capitalist and B) A Boss, if more people were like Dan Price capitalism wouldn't be as shitty and people would fair better.

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I don't care that you're at your desk for 40 hours a week or from 9-5 or M-F or whatever. I care that you get your work done. Do it in whatever schedule you see fit. I don't know why this is still scandalous to most bosses.

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This completely dismisses and ignores the countless number of Christian leftists that have fought and died for a leftist political revolution over the centuries.

The problem isn't Christianity, it's conservative fundamentalism regardless of the religion or lack thereof. twitter.com/AntifaCatra/status

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Same with the World Cup and other sports events. Everything has been divorced from its potential to make it a money-making racket.

All good from things gets destroyed by capitalism and nationalism.

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Instead of a global coming together and celebration in friendly competition, it's a commercial and nationalistic propaganda fest.

The athletes and competitors largely aren't to blame, this is the IOC and the NOCs.

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A few thoughts about the Olympics.

I like the idea of the Olympics: people from all over coming together to compete against one another and show off their pride of their home, a host celebrating and showing the world itself.

But the olympics have been perverted.

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I just lost my 3rd family member to COVID. He and my cousin (his wife) were in the hospital in the Cardiac ICU with COVID. He just died a little while ago. They've been married for 50 years. Please take this virus seriously. They caught it from their young grandson who visited.

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Minneapolis Police search Black drivers at 29x times the rate of white drivers. Watch the investigation below. twitter.com/kare11/status/1390

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@EclecticRadical@twitter.com @hamiltonnolan@twitter.com AFL-CIO has become too reliant on the status quo.

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Most people who are in positions of leadership actually should not be anywhere near leadership.

Beijing trying to put the capitalism cat back into the communism bag, and that cat is actually a rabid rat.

Leaders are so incredibly short sighted.

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Beijing has ordered China's cinemas to use the box office this year to spread propaganda celebrating the Communist Party. Movie fans in China aren't having it β€” and worry the new mandate is crowding out some of the Hollywood films they are clamoring for. cnn.it/33sSrZG

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