good morning checklist

- I’m the only person awake
- shower is free
- only have to make coffee for myself

Should I

a) do my assignment
b) read murder on the orient express
c) buy a motorcycle & skip town

twenty one years old and I'm spending my Friday night drinking shitty beer and catching up on Masterchef

took a week off and come back to change 😱what's new

nothing better than a free glass of red wine

Reminiscing about San Fran pride & all the free absolute vodka

Bedhead and bags under my eyes; the London look

"Why did it take us that long to figure this out"

"We didn't finish high school"

Finally on the train πŸ™ŒπŸ» Ten hours to go

things I love: showing old people snap chat filters & watching them play

Super excited for , has anyone read the graphic novel? Is it worth it or nah

reading about Post Brexit Britain and trying to decide which country to escape to

Counting the days until Twin Peaks returns

I'm on the 5th episode of but my headphones have miraculously disappeared, what have I done to deserve this kind of punishment

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