Add your +1 to the GitHub issue to open source the server side portion of

@erAck so, let me get this straight: i'd need an account on centralized proprietary service, owned by microsoft, to ask another corporation to do the right thing,pretty please with cherry on top? this actually tells us everything there is to say about that situation, in my view.

@erAck oh, you don't even acknowledge this as a problem? and i'm the one in a narrow box?

No, I don't acknowledge that as a problem, although it might be a problem for you personally.

@erAck really don't get it. if you don't think centralization and proprietary software is a problem then why do you ask that keybase releases the server code as foss?

Don't put words in my mouth that I didn't say.

@erAck put words in your mouth? i *asked* you. ok, you don't seem to want to explain your position, maybe some other time. bye

You alleged "if you don't think centralization and proprietary software is a problem" which I never said and moreover is not true. That's a level of discussion style I'll not dive down to. Bye.

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