@erAck I agree with the general points of this, but at the same time I wonder who at RedHat had the idea to announce it in this way. Announcing that support for CentOS 8 shortened by 8 years (!!) is just an incredibly stupid move for an OS renowned for it's no-nonsense stability. It doesn't really matter that CentOS Stream should be essentially the same product - trust was violated.

The only upstream version of RHEL we can currently compare to is Fedora, and it is clear that a second bleeding edge distribution is not needed. However, RedHat did remove its long-term stability guarantee from its free OS, with only RHEL having a 10 year stability guarantee as far as I understand it. I'm not sure whether this was a good idea...


Time to sit back and see what happens. I'm wondering what to update my Centos6 server to, but I think I can wait and see what happens for another 6 months or so.

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