54% off Yubikeys when you purchase 2. If you haven't made the plunge to 2FA, today would be a good day to start.


@erAck I backed the Solo v2 keys on Kickstarter and have 2 SoloKeys already with me. For the same reason: open hardware and open firmware.

@erAck I should clarify that I have 2 Solo v1 keys on me. The v2 keys have had nothing but production problems and I haven't received my shipment yet.

multifactor hardware openness / security meta 

@erAck @atoponce any idea how that stacks up against OnlyKey?

(was displeased with the lack of physical polish on the onlykey, but the keypad unlock & secure was a necessary layer for my threat model...yubikey being closed source was just a small part of my decision to migrate away, but have not yet found a solid replacement...)

multifactor hardware openness / security meta 

@jakimfett @erAck I'm very happy with my SoloKeys v1 keys, but they have physical push buttons rather than capacitive touch. I backed the v2 Kickstarter back in February 2021 with capacitive touch, but they've been plagued with production issues, so I haven't received my order yet. But SoloKeys is open firmware and open hardware.

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