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Die EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung (EU-DSGVO) und die Photographie: Es ändert sich nichts!

Weil (nicht nur) in vielen sozialen Medien, sonder auch in der (Qualitäts-) Presse in der letzten Zeit sehr viel halbgarer Unsinn zum Punkt Photographie und EU-DSGVO verbreitet wurde, hier im Wortlaut und unverändert die Stellungnahme aus dem zuständigen Bundesministerium. Fazit: Durch die EU-DSGVO ändert sich für Photographen (auch für Hobby-Photographen) nichts. #DSGVO

My guess: these audiences partly exist because other people have mentioned me in their tweets, and maybe some because under "Account activity" "Inferred interests from Twitter" I kept all "50 interests from Twitter" checked. ("These are some of the interests matched to you based on your profile and activity. You can adjust them if something doesn't look right.") No thanks.

"has included you in one or more audiences that are similar to tailored audiences for the advertisers below. Twitter creates these audiences in order to increase advertisers' reach. You may be included in these audiences based on similarities between your account and the accounts included in tailored audiences."


Tailored audiences:


"Tailored audiences are often built from email lists or browsing behaviors. They help advertisers reach prospective customers or people who have already expressed interest in their business."

"You can opt out of interest-based advertising in your personalization and data settings. This will change the ads you see on Twitter, however it won't remove you from advertisers' audiences."

While at it, disabled all ads related settings at Personalization and Data "Control how Twitter personalizes content and collects and shares certain data." just to find that under "Your Twitter data" there's "Tailored audiences" that has "21 audiences from 16 advertisers" ... requesting advertiser list. (... will be sent to your mal address once ready) ... and it was.

Interesting.. digging into the privacy settings I found that thinks I'm female because "If you haven't added a gender, this is the one most strongly associated with your account based on your profile and activity." Ah well, ok.. activity was one single tweet in 10 years "You attempt to follow me on the wrong platform. I ain't a twit tweeting on twitter, I make my dents at " 😂

I have an inactive account that I visited to change the (because of and add a tweet "You attempt to follow me on the wrong platform. I ain't a twit tweeting on twitter, I on "

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#AIQ, von #Wylie als kanadischer Zweig von #CambridgeAnalytica beschrieben, hat wohl >40% des "Vote Leave" / Brexit Marketing Budgets erhalten um britische Wähler gegen eine vereinte EU zu manipulieren

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Ein Kinder-Tracking-Startup will große Teile unserer Berichterstattung anwaltlich verhindern – und wir sollen es nicht mehr Schrottup nennen dürfen: #Abmahnung

Settings, My Apps, lists all(?) available apps, not only installed apps, and the apps I have installed are "(Recommended)". Not what I would expect and it used to be different some time ago.

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**Biometric Apps Will Soon Be Pushed Across the Web**

This is a bad idea:

1. You can't "reset" your biometrics like a password.
2. Biometrics aren't hashable. The end result is they're less secure than other forms of authentication. (If you don't understand what this means, you're not qualified to have an opinion on this matter.)
3. You can't control what happens to your biometrics once they're in the hands of a 3rd party.

Please re-Toot.

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