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Hat sonst noch jemand Abbrüche in oder liegt das an mir?

@c3voc I'm looking for Moxie's talk "the ecosystem is moving" but am unable to find it in the releases or on the relive page. Is this intentional? Or is it in post production?
Thank you for your work. You people are fantastic!

Don't close your browsers!
There is an epic bug which will cause all your add-ons to be disabled if you do. It's being investigated:

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Können wir jetzt mit bzw. nicht die Pauschalabgabe auf Datenträger, PCs, etc. abschaffen? Sollte doch ja jetzt alles seinen Anteil abbekommen und warum sollen wir zweimal zahlen?

Fantastic app. Everyone can contribute to openstreetmaps with that. And it's more fun then any other game on your phone! Spread the word.


Unfortunately the app ist outdated here. The one on Google is working as intended though.


Increased platform liability = (over)blocking user uploaded content. Delete on 12 Sept to from the

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