Times like this, polls would be a super useful feature.

did you find it difficult to set up or to run? I'm mostly looking at Prosody and ejabberd

@frankiesaxx I looked at the same two options years ago. Thought: "ha, ejabberd, cool, erlang is supposed to be great!", installed it. It failed to start with an error message so obtuse I didn't get anything out of it in half an hour of searching. Gave up, installed prosody and was up and running in an hour. I still use prosody and its nice, simple, the docs are good and community is friendly. Don't hesitate, it's one of my most enjoyable self-hosting experiences.

between this and some of the other posts, I think Prosody it is! Thanks for taking the time and helping me decide :)

@eal @frankiesaxx +1 for prosody. It has all the features you want, and conversations (Android) has all the features you want, and you put the two together and you get a nice system. gajim also works great with prosody for a desktop client.
@frankiesaxx Currently Prosody 0.11. This runs well for self-hosting a small number of users, and consumes minimal system resources.

@bob *lots* of support for Prosody. Like the new pic btw :)

@frankiesaxx Used to have a Prosody some years ago and worked fine.
Then wanted to setup a server for a larger userbase and heard good things of ejabberd relating scalability. Running it with Docker Compose for now and works great.

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