Person: I made a sweater. You can have it for free if you like it.

Sweater using person: I like this sweater and I'm going to wear it. But I need the sleeves and neckline changed, and I want a different colour, and you're obligated to do it for me for free exactly like I want because you are a privileged and elitist person who knows how to make sweaters, while I, a sweater using person, do not have the time and energy to learn for myself the sweater making skills you were apparently born with.

That was to be sympathetic, on the assumption that the sweater thing happened to you


@DialMforMara No, fortunately! Hahah I'd be like, "Give me back my sweater! You don't deserve my sweater!"

It was more a metaphor for how people treat intellectual & creative projects. Like no one (well hardly anyone) would do that to someone making a sweater or something tangible, while the same person might think nothing of demanding things like free software or fanart/fic are adjusted for their taste.

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