Person: I made a sweater. You can have it for free if you like it.

Sweater using person: I like this sweater and I'm going to wear it. But I need the sleeves and neckline changed, and I want a different colour, and you're obligated to do it for me for free exactly like I want because you are a privileged and elitist person who knows how to make sweaters, while I, a sweater using person, do not have the time and energy to learn for myself the sweater making skills you were apparently born with.

@DialMforMara (now that I mention it though, I always kind of wish I had a reason to make tea cozies because some of them are adorable.)

I mean, there are lots of ugly teapots out there. I almost bought one last week but decided to get a better strainer instead

@DialMforMara we got rid of our ugly teapot. I found a beauuuuuutiful giant blue handmade pottery one in a second hand shop and promptly got rid of the pink granny pot.

I should go teapot thrifting. It's not usually a thing I look for at Goodwill.

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