I have started keeping a personal journal. I wrote backdated entries for January 1 - 3, since I wanted to start it on the first day of the year, and began keeping it in earnest on January 4. Some of what I used to write on here will probably end up there instead.

I suspect this journal will be very useful to me, since it remembers my life much better than I do. From now on, I'll be able to tell people exactly what date various events happened on. For major life events and historical events, I'll be able to go back and see how I reacted to it at the time.

I make sure to highlight important parts so I can skim through and locate stuff later on.
@frankiesaxx Oh, haha, just the Notes app on my Mac/iPhone for now. I have to get it transferred to something better at one point, before there is too much to migrate. If it were possible, I'd use a simple Markdown editor that saves text files directly to a folder structure on Nextcloud.

I've migrated mine to vimwiki. I keep it on the server and SSH from my devices. (Before that I used CherryTree. And before that, RedNotebook.)

@frankiesaxx Oh, no, I don't want to geek out on my phone. My phone is like a toaster. You push a button and it does its thing. It's the only time of day when I get to use technology that pretends to not be a computer with all its horrible error-causing complexities.
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