Watched the news during my breakfast. Turns out this was a mistake, because I'm aggressive now due to all the dumb people in this world.

Since then I've thought about writing aggressive posts here on Mastodon more than 3 times (news related posts, of course).


*calms down*

I've seriously restricted my "news" consumption for a few months now and I def feel it's made me nicer and less aggressive. I listen to a couple "top stories" podcasts that go through 4 or 5 stories in a couple minutes, skim the local paper, and maybe turn on BBC and look at the news ticker.

@frankiesaxx @thomas I'm always in the idea that it is something that benefits the elite; not liking the news, I'm good at just wanting information, so it really doesn't affect me. Didn't you find yourself 'lost'?

@tmv Do you mean not consuming "news" benefits the elite or the manufacture and our consumption of what what we're calling "news" benefits them?

Not constantly consuming outrage/tragedy porn has not been a loss; if I want to know more about a topic, I go find long form material by an expert. If anything I feel better informed.

@frankiesaxx Surprisingly; both, without critique, these 'news' are just consent manufacturers; but, well studied, are a good form of intellectual self defense.

In the past days I've come across some classic American, does not believe in anything is not said by a tv, not read, etc. And I just found myself in the position of being impossible to dialogue, which is not big deal, I can just avoid any form of long speech, but alas, is just so uncomfortable to be besides something like that.

@tmv "without critique, these 'news' are just consent manufacturers; but, well studied, are a good form of intellectual self defense."

You're not wrong.

And maybe it's selfish, but there are just so many other things I would rather do with my limited lifespan and attention than pour it into consuming the infinite scroll output of the media cycle.

It there nothing wrong with that, I've had two persons in mind about this, Simone Weil (a philosopher) worked in manufacturing to feel what working class felt, then she realized that she stoped reading and just wanted to come home and read fashion magazines. And Chomsky (all hail chomsky¬Ņ) has stated that it is not posible to do so, not everyone can do it, that's the point of having a real intellectual class.


going home and reading fashion magazines is probably just as much an intellectual pursuit these days as going home and consuming "news" from places like HuffPo or Fox and the metacommentary on Facebook/Twitter/Medium/etc. XD

I generally find value in Chomsky, but that attitude seems very classist, as if some (class of) people deserve no better than to be fed a diet of intellectual junk food since they're incapable of appreciating the difference anyway.

@frankiesaxx Sorry, I switched accounts, I completely agree on the first part; but the other, I don't feel the same condolence vibe, I see it more of a "we need the intellectual class", not?

I'm at @tmv btw

Btw regarding your other question, is nice. Long running and stable and pleasant people. My backup is on which is also nice. Quiet, but stable and reliable.

@frankiesaxx Don't put a childish mark on me, but my instance even has a #minecraft server :D among other things, the only thing is that I like pleroma more, but I cannot interact well, no boost in other instances, I have to do it manually. Thanks!

@tmv has a server as well. ;)

I haven't really tried though I've been thinking about making an account on SPC since they switched

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Fuck...I kinda regret that, and I don't like fragmentation.
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