Follow We still have the old Nook Simpletouch before they ruined them by taking out the SD card. (Rooted.)

I also got an Inkbook Obsidian

It's very light and comfortable and has a gorgeous display (way better than the Nooks) but the default software is kind of annoying and I haven't gotten around to fixing it up yet. (The Nooks are still plugging along with no discernable battery loss or anything so no rush.)

SD card + wifi (for connecting to our home library server) + e-ink are my non negotiable features. It seems like all the devices associated with specific stores (Nook/Kindle/Kobo) have done away with their SD card slots which is too bad b/c otherwise the Kobo H2O models might be nice. is probably the best resource for seeing what's out there right now and what people like & don't.

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